The World of Disney is not only for children but also for adults. For most adults, the best thing about going to Disneyland theme park either by walking or by riding a Disneyland shuttle is the excitement in the eyes of children when told about their planned vacation.

You must be one of these adults who feel happiness whenever your children’s eyes shine and twinkle at the though of going to the magical park. One activity that these children are most excited about is meeting Disneyland characters. You must admit it. Like these young children, you once believed that these people in costumes are real Disney characters.

If you’re taking a trip on a Disneyland shuttle along with your children, early planning on how they can meet some Disneyland characters is advisable so that they can enjoy. Also, don’t forget to tag along your camera to save the unforgettable moments not only for your children but also for you.

Here are four tips on how children can meet Disneyland characters:

Know The Schedule

Disneyland ShuttleThe best way to ensure that you get to meet and take photographs with most Disneyland characters is to check out the park’s daily schedule before planning a trip through riding a Disneyland shuttle. You may get the pre-published lists of characters appearances, both the exact time and exact place in the park at the gate. Oftentimes, the more popular characters appear pre-schedule basis while others tend to show up anytime they want to.


Get Off The Disneyland Shuttle And Capture Photographs

You have to make sure that you capture your children’s moments with all of the Disney characters that they get to meet. You can also opt to have a picture taken with them. Remember, the World of Disney is not only for children but for adults too. If you don’t want the hassle of taking pictures, you may always get a photo pass from the various Disney photographers all over the park. These photographers will make sure that you and your children have good pictures. Also, since there are many people wanting to have pictures taken with the characters, photographers ensure that there will be no other people included in your and your kids’ photographs. When you are done roaming around the theme park, you can just hand out the pass to the photographer to claim your pictures.


Make The Kids Wear Costumes

Disneyland ShuttleSeveral children who visit the park either by walking or riding in a Disneyland shuttle are in costumes. From mere observations, most kids who are into costumes are little girls wearing outfits of famous Disney princesses. So for a more unforgettable experience in the magical world of Disney, you can let your kids wear costumes of their favorite Disney characters. But remember, the park allows only children under nine years old to wear costumes.


Get Down The Disneyland Shuttle And Ask For Autographs

You should also bring notebooks, bigger than the normal and pens so that children can ask for autographs from their favorite Disney characters.