The Disneyland shuttle is the most convenient means of transportation when you go to Disneyland Park. If you stay in one of the hotels in the vicinity of the park, you will need to take the shuttle to get to the park and visit the attractions offered there. Of course, if you are coming from the airport, you will also need airport shuttle services to get to the park or the hotel where you want to stay.  You can arrange this with your travel agent or the airlines that brought you to California to visit Disneyland.   Once you are in Anaheim or in the vicinity of the Park, the Disneyland transportation services will take care of your needs in visiting different attractions in the park.


Using the Disneyland Shuttle from the Hotel to the Park

Disneyland ShuttleFor those who do not want to use a private vehicle, it is very easy to plan your transportation schedule in visiting the Disneyland Park.  The earliest attraction opens at 8:00 A.M. and the latest usually closes at 11:00 P.M. so you can arrange your trip to and out of the park at those times. The trams continuously run up to one hour after the closure of the theme park. You can base your schedule on the park hours provided by Disneyland in the internet, in the park kiosks or in the hotel where you are staying. You can also take the shuttle service and be ferried to the park entrance, walking the rest of the way through the different sections of the resort at your own leisure.

Monorail and Trams for your convenience

Disneyland has made it convenient for guests to take the tram or monorail in going to the park from the hotel. Most hotels are along the route of these transport vehicles offered by Disneyland so you should check if the hotel where you are staying is situated along those routes. Once you are in the vicinity of the park, most of the facilities and attractions are within walking distance. If you are staying in the Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel or Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, you don’t need any transportation because you can enter the park directly from these locations.


Shuttle Service for Guests Coming Directly from the Airport

Disneyland ShuttleIf one is visiting Disneyland and is coming from Bob Hope Airport, John Wayne Airport or Long Beach airport, he can arrange to be fetched up from the airport to be conveyed to the hotel in Anaheim where he intends to stay. The same is true for Disneyland visitors who arrive at Los Angeles International airport, San Diego International, Ontario International Airport and all airports in Southern California.


Extra Service from the Disneyland Shuttle for visitors and guests

Arriving Disneyland visitors do not have to worry about their baggage since they will be handled by the Shuttle Service bound for any of the Disneyland hotels in Anaheim, California.   This is a special extra service provided by the Disneyland shuttle that transports the guests from the airport to their hotel destination.