Many local tourists from the Los Angeles area take the Disneyland shuttle to go to Disneyland Park in the early morning and go back to their place of origin late in the evening of the same day. They usually come in groups from a pick-up point where they are fetched by a bus or van arranged by Disneyland transportation services.  This feature is made available for groups or individuals who want to enjoy the attractions in the park.


Disneyland shuttle takes you into a world of thrills and wonderment

Disneyland ShuttleThere are many exciting sights and rides that can be experienced in Disneyworld and there is no need to bring vehicles along when visiting the park. The car or van that one takes with him will just be parked in the parking lot for the whole day because most of the entertainments in the Disneyland complex are within walking distance.  Those who have experienced some time in Disneyland agree that having a vehicle is not a requisite for truly enjoying the visit to the park.  If one is traveling by plane, he can make arrangements to be fetched in the airport by a shuttle that can take him to this world famous Park.


Shuttle Facilities for persons with disabilities

The shuttles have facilities to take care of persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs to make them mobile. The persons with wheelchairs can be loaded into the van and locked into secure contraptions for the smooth ride to Disneyland. Upon arrival at the destination in Anaheim, they are safely unloaded from the van and taken to the hotel or to the place where they want to visit.  Those who need these special facilities have to inform Disney shuttle at least two days before the planned trip.


Dine, Shop and Stroll at Disneyworld

Disneyland ShuttleMany come to Disneyworld love to stroll, dine or shop at the Downtown District Promenade where there is food, fun, play and shopping conveniences for the visitors.  Adults can spend time in this part of Disneyworld while their children or younger companions roam the park for various activities. Those who are staying in hotels in the vicinity of the park usually come to the park through the Disney trams or the monorail that passes through a route where many hotels are located.


Make sure to take the Disneyland Shuttle to Visit the Park

Disneyland has thought of everything to make it convenient for guests to enjoy their facilities. If one wants to know the Park’s schedule for a particular day, one can visit the internet where a comprehensive schedule is published in the Disneyland website. It provides the daily opening and closing time of the park and lists the activities planned for particular days.

One can plan his vacation based on the information provided by websites in the internet. This is convenient for first timers who have little idea what to expect when vacationing in Disneyland.  When making his vacation plan, one should not fail to include the Disneyland shuttle service that will take him to Disneyland Park.