There is a reason why Disneyland shuttle services are in great demand among Disneyland visitors. The recent added attractions of the Disney California Adventure Park to the entertainment at Disneyland Park have led to increase of visitors coming to Anaheim, California and the proliferation of variety hotels that aim to cash in on the increasing number of tourists.  The visitors that come by plane need to be transported from the airport to the plane by vans or by bus.


Disneyland shuttle serves airports in the Los Angeles  County

Disneyland ShuttleMost of the visitors coming to Anaheim to see the attractions at Disneyland Park land at  airports in Los Angeles and Southern California areas, the nearest of which are John Wayne Airport and the Long Beach Airport.  Many guests also arrive through the Los Angeles International Airport and the Ontario International Airport. All of these arriving visitors need to be ferried from the airport to the hotels in Anaheim or directly into the Disneyland hotels that are adjacent to the park. A good number of visitors land in Burbanks at the Bob Hope Airport and also at the San Diego International Airport which is a little farther.


Added Attractions in Disneyland

Disneyland is no longer a place for kids alone but has also become an entertainment Mecca for adults who want to have a good time. When one visits Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, he is carried into the realms of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Space Mountain. There are so much more to see in Disneyland like Mickey’s Toontown and the cowboys in Frontierland that people from all over the country come to see for themselves the attractions of the world’s biggest theme park. The Disney California Adventure Park has added more excitement and allure to the Disneyland experience. More visitors simply mean more Disneyland shuttle services needed to bring them all those visitors into Anaheim’s most wonderful park.


Hotel Options for the Visitors

Disneyland ShuttleAside from the hotels owned and operated by Walt Disney Company in Disneyland, there are many hotels in the vicinity that caters to the requirements of the visitors from all over the country and the world. These hotels offer many amenities for their guests who eventually retire to their facilities after spending time experiencing the attractions inside the park. Most of these hotels rely on Disneyland shuttle services to bring in their guests from the airport. Those who booked their reservations early are given special service upon their arrival in the airport by taking care of their baggage.


The importance of Disneyland Shuttle Service

Booking hotel reservations at an earlier time can really give guests more privileges. They are given hotel discounts and passes for the trolleys that bring them from the hotel to the park. They are also given special shuttle services to the places not within the vicinity of Disneyland Park. Wherever the guests would like to go, there is always a Disneyland shuttle that will always serve them because the hotel management knows that transportation is the main factor that keeps their guests happy and satisfied as they complete their visit to Disneyland Park.