If you are headed to Disneyland than you need to make sure that you are looking for hotels near Disneyland with a shuttle. California ranks third in the nation for being the most congested with motor vehicles. That means if you plan on driving in California than you should plan on long waits to get anywhere.

If you are heading to Disneyland to spend all or part of your vacation the last thing you want to do is to be stuck in traffic burning up that vacation time. Luckily one of the perks that many hotels offer is a shuttle to Disneyland so you do not have to deal with the traffic or public transport.

The best part is that you get this service free! Most hotels in the area that offer the service do so without charge although you may want to tip the driver a little something just to be nice.

Hotels Near Disneyland

Disneyland is a huge tourist destination so you will find many hotels in the area. Many of the hotels are Disney resort properties. If you can stay in one of the resort properties you will be close to the action and you will have the option of a shuttle service at your disposal.

Candy Cane Inn Entrance

If you want something that is a little more budget friendly than you can try the Candy Cane Inn which is right outside the gate of Disneyland but offers  the convenience of a shuttle service anyway. You can find familiar chain names that are located in Anaheim that offer shuttle service.

The Hyatt Regency Orange County

The Hyatt offers free shuttle service, the Sheraton offers free shuttle service, the Days Inn also offers free shuttle service and so many more. There are many other hotels/motels that offer free shuttle travel to Disney. All of these hotels are less than two miles from Disneyland and offer this service typically every thirty minutes or so during the days that the park is open and during the parks regular operating hours.

Before you book your hotel ask if they offer free shuttle service. Having this option is  very important and will affect the satisfaction you feel with your vacation.

A Great Service

These hotels are competing for your business so they offer the shuttle service as a way to make your stay at the hotel more enjoyable. It is a great service because it saves you time and money. Many of the hotels offer the service because they know that trying to navigate the public transportation is a nightmare.

There is a special hospitality bus that stops at all the hotels and will take the guest to Disneyland for a small fee but most people prefer not to rid to the park this way.

Finding hotels near Disneyland that offer shuttle service is easy because almost all of them do, at least the ones that want your business. Take advantage of the service after you arrive at the hotel so you can get all the amenities that you signed on for!

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