Have you been to the Happiest Place on Earth? I guess you are now trying to identify where it is. For almost more than fifty years of operation, the World of Disney or more popularly known as Disneylandis tagged as the happiest place on earth. And if you’re planning to head to the theme park later this year, one of the best ways to enjoy your magical trip to the DisneylandParkis to get into a Disneyland shuttle.

If this is your first time in the magical world of Disney, here are some practical tips on how to make the most of your visit to Disneyland.


Prepare Before Disney Shuttle Picks You Up

You can opt to study the map of the park before the shuttle picks you up or during the ride on your way to the World of Disney. This is to make sure that get acquainted with the place before you even set foot on it. Because of technological advancement, you may also download one or more from the variousDisneylandapplications for an easier journey around the park.


Decide On Tourist Attractions And Rides That You Want To Try

Most of the time, choosing a trip offered by operators of a Disneyland shuttle eliminates your worries when it comes to deciding which tourist attractions you may want to visit or which park rides you want to try. This is because the shuttle gives you the opportunity to see every beautiful attraction there is. But if you have particular places in mind, you may talk to the tour guide or driver and request for more time in certain locations.


Get Down The Disneyland Shuttle And Capture Photographs

Every time that the shuttles stop by in one of the park’s tourist attractions, visitors like you often find yourselves taking pictures. It is not something new. Since it is your first time, you have to take as many pictures as you can to make sure the magical memories you have experienced during your trip will not be forgotten. You can always take pictures on your own if you want pictures to be captured the way you want them to. But if you want to enjoy the park and free yourself of the inconvenience of taking pictures, you can always use your Disney photo pass. This pass allows you to pick up a card from one of the many Disney photographers who are all over the park. And the best thing about these photograph passes is that they are of free service. When you are done roaming the park, you can hand the photo pass to the photographer to claim the photos which can serve as remembrance of your trip.


Know The Operating Hours

Upon arrival in the park riding the Disneyland shuttle, it is important that you are informed about the hours of operation of both the park and the stores within. The famousMain Street often starts the day thirty minutes before other parts of the park. At the same time, it remains open for about an hour after the closing time.