No matter where you are visiting in California you want to be able to make a stop inĀ  Anaheim and visit Disneyland. Disneyland is one of the worlds most famous vacation destinations. Staying on resort can be a bit expensive but most of the spots on the property are all inclusive so it can work out financially.

Staying in Anaheim is a good choice because the hotels that surround the Disney property are less expensive and can be quite nice. There are plenty of top chain hotels in Anaheim that are literally feet away from the entrance of Disneyland.


As one of the many perks that you will find in the hotels in Anaheim is the Disneyland shuttle. Shuttle service to Disneyland is offered by almost all the hotels in the area. Of course the super budget friendly motels are likely not to offer shuttle service but most all of the major hotels offer the service.

Shuttle service to Disney is an important perk that you should look for in any place that you are considering making a reservation. The traffic in and around Disneyland is very difficult to navigate so it is a lot easier to use the shuttle service when available.

Driving to Disneyland

If you are staying in Anaheim the home of Disneyland it may seem like an easy solution to rent a car and drive over to Disney alone. It is in fact not an easy solution. First of all you have to pay for parking at the park which is not cheap.

Paying for parking implies that the drive over will be a breeze, it is not. There is tons of traffic everyday all day, even if your hotel is two miles away you can bank on spending at least thirty minutes in traffic.

Traffic is horrendous in Anaheim! Long waits for parking once you get through the gate is another issue. When you take a shuttle you get to bypass all the nonsense at the gate and get dropped off in front of the park. Once you are in side the park than you can use the parks transportation to get around.

Between the additional cost of the rental car (if you have to rent one), the gas, the parking fees and the stress it is not worth driving even five blocks to get to Disneyland when you have the option of taking a shuttle.

The Cost

Frankly there is no additional cost to use the service. The cost of the shuttle has clearly been figured into the cost of every room, it is the hotels cost of doing business. Ultimately if you are staying in a hotel that offers shuttle service you are already paying for it whether you know it or not.

Since you have to pay for a hotel room anyway why not pay for one that offer this free service? Have fun at Disneyland like you are supposed to and leave the driving to someone else!

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