Are you planning on heading to the Disneyland theme park soon? I suggest that you visit the place with the Disneyland shuttle as your means of transportation. This type of vehicle ride is often scheduled to tour you around the park for rides and other activities.

The fireworks show is an activity that you should not miss when in Disneyland. This is simply because the show is one of the tourist attractions of that trip to the park. You will surely not get enough of the fireworks display. Since we are talking about fireworks displays, it is important for you to be situated in a location with an amazing view of the show. You may also want to consider whether you want to listen to the music or not. Ask the driver or tour guide of the Disneyland Shuttle to drop you off in the best parts of the theme park to have a glimpse of the sky where the fireworks show will take place.

Here are five locations inside the Disneyland theme park where you can get the best view of fireworks display:


Get Off The Disneyland Shuttle In Main Street

If this is your first time in the park, the best place to watch the show is the Main Street. This is directly faces theCinderellaCastlewherein the fireworks are set off. Since this is the most recommended spot, most park visitors will surely crowd this location. So if you want a good position, you may camp out in the place an hour during weekdays or even earlier during the weekends in order to reserve the spot. You may also want to bring something to sit on while waiting.


Hop In The Train Station

This train station is also located in the Main Street which means you can also get an awesome view of the fireworks display. You might experience two problems when situating in this part. The first problem is that there are instances that you cannot hear the music and the second is some trees can block the view. But you can always find a way to get a decent view.


Disneyland Shuttle Drop Off Point: The Plaza Inn

You will surely not miss the Plaza Inn because of its color. It is the pink restaurant also situated in Tomorrowland entrance inMain Street. You must make sure that you get into the place early so that you can reserve the spot that gives you the best glimpse of the display. Who wouldn’t want a fireworks display during dinner time?


Enjoy Cruising In A Storybookland Canal Boat

After riding in a Disneyland shuttle, you may ask the driver to drop you off at the Storybookland wherein you can watch the show while riding in a canal boat. The ones who maneuver the boats stop the vehicles once the fireworks display start so that you can enjoy the scene.


Sit At The Entrance Of It’s A Small World Ride

This final suggested location is the best choice if you avoid the crowd in the other places mentioned above. This is the perfect spot if you plan to just watch the show and leave before it even ends.